Auto Dystopia

A very bleak Ep 22 compiled this week. Seems to us the car has been made the scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with the planet and diesel the scapegoat for everything wrong with the car. Politicians have used both those causes as an opportunity to tax motorists harder than ever, and we are the biggest, easiest target in the tax environment now that the number of smokers is being reduced. And we aren’t helping ourselves much either, because this is an industry almost exclusively concerned with share price and short term gain. Akio Toyoda has said that he needs to re-think the way the company works if it wants to stay in business, and when the boss of the world’s biggest car-maker says things like that you know the situation is serious. But Toyota on its own can’t change an industry – they all need to at least recognise the need to act and then agree how to do something about it.

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